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Languages offered are Mandarin, French, Italian, and Spanish.

The Department of World Languages prepares students to participate in multilingual communities around the globe. Our course work in international languages is aligned with the Common Core Standards and the State of Florida Standards for World Languages at the various levels of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as per the ACTFL Guidelines. Our students are able to communicate in the target language,  gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures, connect this knowledge with other disciplines, and develop an insight into their first language/culture.

Extra-curricular activities are offered through membership in La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica and/or La Société Honoraire de Français.

World Languages


For more information please contact the World Languages Department.

Diego Garcia 

World Languages Department


305-854-2334 ext. 2132

De La Rosa_edited.jpg
Mavelys de la Rosa

World Languages Department


305-854-2334 ext. 2176

819A5183 copy_edited.jpg
Maribet Echagarrua

World Languages Department 


SALTT Club Moderator


Jesus Uriarte 

World Languages Department Head 


305-854-2334 ext. 2232

Yuliet Vega

World Languages Department 


305-854-2334 ext. 2156

Barbara Tomosoni_edited.jpg
Barbara Tomasini

World Languages Department 


305-854-2334 ext. 2244

Mammone Onelien

World Languages Department 


305-854-2334 ext. 2248

Honor Societies

French Honor Society

Italian Honor Society

Mu Alpha Theta
Music Honor Society

National Art Honor Society
National English Honor Society
National Honor Society

National Honor Society for Dance Arts

National Technical Honor Society
Science National Honor Society
Rho Kappa
Spanish Honor Society
Thespian Society
Quill & Scroll Honor Society

Clubs & Organizations

Ambassadors Club

Anime Club
Athletic Training Club
Be the Light Club
Drama Club
Environmental Club

Royal Trend Fashion Club
Fine Arts Club

Glee Club

Guitar Club


International Relations Club



Key Club

Latin American Culture Club 

Life is a Gift Club (Respect Life)

Marian Club

Photography & Film Club

Portuguese Culture Club
Purple Heart Club

Robotics Club

Royals for Animals (RADAR)
Royals Debate Team

Salesian Provincial Youth Council


Social Justice Club
Stock Market Club
Student Government Association

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