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As graduates and former students of the Immaculata Academy, La Salle High School, and ILS, we are commited to the following goals:


The preservation and propagation of the principles and ideals instilled in us by our school and our teachers, which became the foundation of our adult values. 


The establishment of strong and lasting bonds among all our alumni, both within and beyond our local community. 


The long-term stability and growth of our beloved school so that it may continue to impart its spiritual guidance and academic preparation to future generations of students. 


Our graduates can be found in all avenues of life. Men and Women of substance and conviction who, regardless of material accomplishments, remain proud to call our school, "Alma Mater".


Originally founded as Immaculata Academy by the Sisters of St. Joseph, and La Salle High School by the Christian Brothers, today Immaculata - La Salle High School is a Catholic, coeducational institution currently administered by the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco. For over 60 years, it has served the community of Miami-Dade County. 

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