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In an increasingly technological world, the English Language Arts department at ILS brings a welcome blend of classical and contemporary education to reinforce that language and art are innately human domains. The mission of the department is two-fold: to help students use the En- glish language effectively in all media and for all purposes and to make students appreciate the role that literature can have in their lives.

Teachers foster a welcoming learning environment in the English classrooms so that students feel safe to explore their personal voices, styles and opinions and to then develop the necessary skills to convey the former to their audiences, be it through essays or multi-media presentations or conversation and discussions.


Students read deeply and often, from diverse texts, to become informed and to be exposed to good writing they can then model. The students study elements of style and usage, work on differentiated vocabulary programs, and meet the rigor of academic writing, that culminates in a Senior-year research paper on literature.

To further develop the skills of students, the department offers four Advanced Placement courses: the English courses AP English Language (11th grade) and AP English Literature (12th grade); and the electives AP Seminar (10th grade) and AP Research (11th grade).

Students also have elective course options to explore creative expression and learn skills specific for careers in communications. Students may join Journalism and write, edit and publish our online newspaper, The Royal Courier. Students wanting to write creative fiction and poetry may join Cre- ative Writing and publish Inklings, our annual literary arts magazine. Students may also practice public discourse in our Speech class, which is paired with Social Media so that students may learn how to transfer that skill to the virtual environment.

Teachers use lecture, read-along, Socratic circles, debate, student-driven presentations, and role-playing to bring literature to life for the students. Students learn how to apply literary theories and the conventions of the literary genres to their analysis and critiques of novels, short stories, poetry, and film. Through literature, students are able to imagine and gain understanding of diverse human experiences and to increase their ability to empathize with others. The capacity of fictional literature to make readers more empathetic gives the ELA department a mandate to teach con- temporary as well as classic literature so that our students might be moved to work towards a more socially just society in accordance with our Catholic social values.

The department sponsors the National English Honor Society, Quill and Scroll (journalism honor society), Forensics (debate), and the Novel Bunch Book Club.

Language Arts

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Maria Cuesta

English Department


305-854-2334 ext. 2172

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Kayla Gonzalez

English Department


305-854-2334 ext. 2166

For more information please contact the English Department.

Tim Gamwell

English Department Head


305-854-2334 ext. 2152

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English Department

305-854-2334 ext. 2178

Juan Carlos

English Department


305-854-2334 ext. 2201

Dalyla Rodriguez
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Zuny Meza 

English Department 

305-854-2334 ext. 2180

Marisol Vilasuso

English Department 

STEAM Legal Studies

Focus Coordinator


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Rafael Montes

English Department 

305-854-2334 ext. 2196

Melissa Capablanca

English Department 

305-854-2334 ext. 2116

Neil Kjeldsen

English Department 

305-854-2334 ext. 2203


English Department 

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Rose Marie Lynch

English Department 

305-854-2334 ext. 2246

Honor Societies

French Honor Society

Italian Honor Society

Mu Alpha Theta
Music Honor Society

National Art Honor Society
National English Honor Society
National Honor Society

National Honor Society for Dance Arts

National Technical Honor Society
Science National Honor Society
Rho Kappa
Spanish Honor Society
Thespian Society
Quill & Scroll Honor Society

Clubs & Organizations

Ambassadors Club

Anime Club
Athletic Training Club
Be the Light Club
Drama Club
Environmental Club

Royal Trend Fashion Club
Fine Arts Club

Glee Club

Guitar Club


International Relations Club



Key Club

Latin American Culture Club 

Life is a Gift Club (Respect Life)

Marian Club

Photography & Film Club

Portuguese Culture Club
Purple Heart Club

Robotics Club

Royals for Animals (RADAR)
Royals Debate Team

Salesian Provincial Youth Council


Social Justice Club
Stock Market Club
Student Government Association

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