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Fine Arts


The Fine Arts program at ILS includes a broad study in the Visual, Audio, and Performing Arts Sectors. Our focus is primarily on the process of art, which is where the heart of learning occurs. Our department is trained to instruct students to become artists and performers while not just enhancing the student’s learning in other areas of education, but also offering potential preparation for the advanced student who wishes to pursue the arts at a university level or as a career.


Visual Arts begins with Introduction to Art, a year-long course that facilitates various forms of art, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and design. Following this course, the Fine Arts Department sequentially offers Printmaking, Drawing & Painting, Ceramics and Pottery, 2-D and 3D design, Studio Art, Graphic Design, Digital Photography, and 3D

Arts Animation.


Television and Film Production are designed to expose our students to the elements that compose a television news broadcast or a short film. They are both hands on classes which permit the student to master digital cameras, editing, sound, television, and screen writing. The TV Production students write, edit, and produce a daily ten minute broadcast for LTV, and the Film Production students write, edit and produce a short film.


The Drama Department focuses on all all aspects of theatre, on stage and backstage. All students take an introductory course which includes pantomime, scene study, and an understanding of the ensemble necessary to bring a performance to the stage. Advanced coursework can include acting for the camera and play production.


The Music Department features a variety of performance and theory classes that ensure students have an abundance of musical experiences and opportunities for self-expression. Music Classes offered at ILS are Band, Chorus, Keyboard, Music Theory, and Sound Engineering. The department is open to all students, from those with no prior musical experience to musically established students; ILS Music department focuses on developing student’s critical ears, encouraging discipline in practice and confidence in the student’s abilities for performance.

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Armando Alicandu

Fine Arts Department


305-854-2334 ext. 2207

Josue Cabrera

Fine Arts Department


305-854-2334 ext. 2173

For more information please contact the
Fine Arts Department.

cecila calleros_edited.jpg
Cecilia Calleros

Fine Arts & Science Department


305-854-2334 ext. 2168


Fine Arts Department

Graphics Coordinator

Photography and Key Club Moderator

STEAM Digital Arts Focus Coordinator


305-854-2334 ext. 2187

Omar Gutierrez

Fine Arts Department


305-854-2334 ext. 2204

Maria Molina_edited.jpg
Maria Molina

Fine Arts Department

LTV Moderator


305-854-2334 ext. 2184

Lianne Rodriguez

Fine Arts Department

Innovation Team

Drama Club, Thespian Honor Society, & Sophomore Class 




305-854-2334 ext. 2212

Izabella Orelle

Fine Arts Department

305-854-2334 ext. 2242

Camille Wildenburg

Fine Arts Department Head

Fashion Club, Fine Arts and National Art Honor Society Moderator


305-854-2334 ext. 2221

Honor Societies

French Honor Society

Italian Honor Society

Mu Alpha Theta
Music Honor Society

National Art Honor Society
National English Honor Society
National Honor Society

National Honor Society for Dance Arts

National Technical Honor Society
Science National Honor Society
Rho Kappa
Spanish Honor Society
Thespian Society
Quill & Scroll Honor Society

Clubs & Organizations

Ambassadors Club

Anime Club
Athletic Training Club
Be the Light Club
Drama Club
Environmental Club

Royal Trend Fashion Club
Fine Arts Club

Glee Club

Guitar Club


International Relations Club



Key Club

Latin American Culture Club 

Life is a Gift Club (Respect Life)

Marian Club

Photography & Film Club

Portuguese Culture Club
Purple Heart Club

Robotics Club

Royals for Animals (RADAR)
Royals Debate Team

Salesian Provincial Youth Council


Social Justice Club
Stock Market Club
Student Government Association

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