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Apple Distinguished School

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Redefining Catholic education to meet the needs of our students and families in our rapidly changing world has always been the driving force behind our mission and vision. It is why we began discussions surrounding technology and Apple devices in 2010 and what helped shape our 1:1 iPad program and rollout in 2012. It is what we are most proud of, as we understand the importance of digital literacy in empowering students to use their Catholic identity and faith to help guide the ways in which they leverage technology. 

This shift has meant changing our attitudes and perspectives surrounding the role of teacher, student, and device. It has meant being open to, redefining, and embracing failure paired with the excitement of embarking on something new. It has meant learning to be comfortable, even thrive, in the space of uncertainty, knowing students, teachers, and staff are on this journey together, learning from each other and sharing in a collective story. We are committed to continually redefining ourselves and what technology and innovation means in Catholic education today.



Immaculata-La Salle’s technology initiatives focus on the synergy between curriculum, pedagogy, technology, and learning space. Our teachers are lifelong learners, redefining what it means to teach today’s students to be tomorrow’s global leaders. Our students redefine learning as they engage in challenge-based, meaningful experiences which foster analysis, collaboration, discovery, and creativity, preparing them to become responsible, Christian citizens of the digital world. 



Our students arrive on campus with varying levels of experience using Apple products for education and are empowered each year with more mastery and application of digital literacy tools. Our goal is for students to tap into their creativity as soon as they arrive on campus and leave energized with a sense of possibilities. As they embark on what lies beyond high school, they are creative innovators and seekers of their own truths with the ability to leverage technology to drive and redefine their learning and discovery. 



Using the iPad to redefine classroom workflow, teachers are essentially limitless in their ability to design instruction that prepares students for both college and the 21st century workforce. Teachers are master learners and in order to cement the foundational assumptions of device comfortability, curation, and authoring, a personalized approach to professional development is designed. 



Our goal has always been to build an ecosystem where technology, content, teacher, student, physical space, and virtual space work together to achieve a next generation learning environment. With buildings over 60 years old, we continue to redefine what it means to use the architecture of the past as the foundation of the future of learning.

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-Continuing to differentiate and personalize faculty PD

-Incorporating more Apple Coaching to build teacher leadership

-Creating a Student Innovation Team to facilitate transformative learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom

You can find more details of our story in our published

Apple Book.

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