Building on the Legacy

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The Immaculata-La Salle High School Building on the Legacy campaign is a general development fund used to aid and sustain ILS’s commitment to quality education. With these funds, ILS is able to expand and improve facilities, thus enabling us to provide our students with an education that embodies the Salesian system of education. Without these funds, we would not be able to provide the atmosphere and programs necessary for the holistic formation of young people into good, faithful Christians and productive, responsible citizens.

The collective support of this campaign gives ILS the flexibility to support various initiatives. Virtually no aspect of our school, from arts, athletics, technology, faculty development and others, is left untouched by Annual Fund contributions.

Immaculata-La Salle is registered as a 501-©-3 Non-Profit Organization. 

Donations provided to ILS are considered tax deductible as long as no goods or services in exchange for your gift. 




At ILS, we believe that academics and athletics go hand-in-hand. We have 27 sports programs and over 60 percent of the student body participates in at least one sport. We believe it’s in the best interests of all stakeholders to have world-class athletic facilities to accommodate our student-athletes. Our goal is to build new spectator stands, a modern track and an athletic field hose, containing the facilities we need to quarter our sports-related health and medical classes, to treat sports-related injuries and to rehabilitate injured student-athletes. 

The Immaculata-La Salle High School athletic department fosters an environment that provides opportunities for student-athletes to enrich their high school experience through participation on athletic teams. We are dedicated to providing opportunities, which will enhance the intellectual, physical, social, moral and spiritual development of the whole person, while conducting all activities with honesty and integrity in accordance with the principles of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct which embody the Salesian System of education preparing our Student-Athletes for lifelong commitments to their Faith, education, leadership and service.



In addition, and in keeping with the Church’s message on the importance of art, our Building on the Legacy campaign includes the construction of a new Fine Arts Building. Respected economist and author Dr. Gerald L. Gordon wrote, “Creativity will be the currency of the 21st century,” and building on our artistic legacy and carrying our students from the success of our ILS past to the promise of their creative future are the motivations that have led to the planning of this new Fine Arts Building.

The vision for the new construction is a three-story raised structure located between our Student Learning Center and Main Building—centralizing, for the first time in our school’s history, the Fine Arts department.

The first floor will house the art studio, ceramics/pottery studio, photography and computer graphics studio, as well as a general meeting room and our Campus Ministry Office. The second floor will house the school’s STEAM lab, and the computing and robotics labs. On the third floor, a rooftop terrace overlooking Biscayne Bay will open from the music studio, providing space for performances and gatherings.

Each floor will include a front façade designed to house gallery spaces where student work will be displayed, while the open-air raised ground floor area will be available for covered storage.

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By embodying the Salesian system of education, Immaculata-La Salle High School provides the atmosphere and programs necessary for the holistic formation of young people into good, faithful Christians and productive, responsible citizens. ILS lives the Salesian educational philosophy of reason, religion and loving kindness modeled on Don Bosco's Preventive System, and provides a foundation for moral and spiritual growth. This Salesian spirit of Reason, Religion, and Loving Kindness is animated by a profound belief in the strength of the good already present in the young, even the neediest, and seeks to educate this goodness.


ILS promotes a love for learning through a process that actively engages the young in an environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. We equip our students for success through a holistic educational program that provides rigorous academics, leadership opportunities, exposure to the arts, experiences of entrepreneurship, competitive athletics, and co-curricular activities. ILS develops a sense of solidarity with others, stewardship with the environment and empowers the students to respond through service and political advocacy on the part of the marginalized.


ILS is able to accomplish these endeavors through the generous donations of families, alumni, and the community at large. The Leaving a Legacy program strives to raise funds and other resources to support the academic, capital and endowment needs of the school. The goals are achieved through the Annual Fund, the Endowment Fund, the Royal Gala and other special events and planned giving programs. The department also communicates the school’s mission, vision and activities to all school stakeholders through this website, the alumni magazine, email campaigns and the media.


All donations to Immaculata-La Salle, regardless of size or type, make a substantial difference in the lives of our young people. These donations safeguard our future by allowing us to improve and expand our school facilities, and provide the flexibility to attract and retain our greatest asset, our faculty. These donations aid ILS in offering enhanced learning opportunities without raising tuition by large margins. By giving to Immaculata-La Salle, you will help the school continue to fulfill its mission of embodying Don Bosco’s Salesian system of education and provide the atmosphere and programs necessary for the holistic formation of young people into good, faithful Christians and productive, responsible citizens.


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