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Immaculata-La Salle
Applied Global Leadership Program

Applications for the ILS Applied Global Leadership Program are now open! Applicants can expect to be notified of their acceptance and of the initial requirements of the AGL Program shortly after submitting applications. We invite incoming and current 9-11 grade students to apply to our innovative program, designed to develop a global leadership mindset and create faithful citizen leaders capable of addressing the problems we face today, and solve the problems of the future.

Applications open January 29, 2024. Deadline is March 22, 2024.


Mission Statement: Students will develop a global leadership mindset, becoming successful leaders rooted in Catholic teaching and adding value to our common home.


Vision Statement: The vision of the ILS AGL Program is to work together to care for our common home and to foster justice and peace by creating faithful citizen leaders who strive to solve the challenges of the present and the problems of the future.

Mission & Vision


General Requirements

Coursework: Students will take at least one AGL Program approved course every academic year, maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA. 


Leadership Seminars: Attendance and active participation in ILS Global Leadership Seminars. Global Leadership Seminars are monthly sessions in which AGL students learn about a variety of fields through interaction with experts in those fields. Topics include: International Development, Women’s Issues, Diplomacy, National Security, Humanitarian Aid, Conflict Resolution, Cybersecurity, Responses to Climate Change, Regional Issues, and others.

Various seminars also provide time and support dedicated to AGL Program Capstone Project and Portfolio development and completion.

Extracurricular Activities: Students will maintain active participation and, eventually, leadership roles in Applied Global Leadership approved clubs and/or extracurricular programs. 


Service Learning: Students will seek out and/or create service projects that will contribute to the experiences and skills required for the development of faithful global leaders. 


Collaborative Projects: Being a part of the AGL Program and STEAM, are not mutually exclusive. In the real world, experts in Global Leadership and STEAM fields must work together to solve our most complex problems. Therefore, students from AGL and STEAM will have opportunities for frequent collaboration on a variety of projects. 


Capstone Project: The Applied Global Leadership Capstone Project will showcase the student’s mastery in at least one of the main fields and approaches in Applied Global Leadership. The Applied Global Leadership Capstone Project involves research, problem-based learning, service initiatives, collaborative sub-projects, and an additional individually selected method of reporting.

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Juan Carlos Moya

Director Applied Global Leadership Program


305-854-2334 ext. 2178

For more information please contact:

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