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Requirements of the State of Florida Department of Education are marked with an asterisk (*). Other requirements are those of Immaculata-La Salle High School.


4 credits in Religious Education (ILS Requirement)

4 credits in English * +

4 credits in Mathematics * + (Algebra I or higher)

3 credits in Science, two of which have a lab component * +

2 credits in one World Language +

1 credit in World History * +

1 credit in U.S. History * +

.5 credit in Economics * +

.5 credit in American Government * +

1 credit in Physical Education including health component (.5 cr Personal Fitness/

.5 cr Health)

.5 credit in Health/Life Management Skills *

1 credit in Performing/Fine Arts *

5.5 credits in electives (State University System requires 4 academic elective courses)

+ State University admissions requirements

beginning with the Class of 2003

*Total of 24 credits to fulfill FDOE requirement and total of 28 credits to recieve Immaculata- La Salle Diploma and graduate

Graduation Requirements 


Course Offerings

Language Arts


English I, II, III, IV Honors
English I, II, III, IV
English I, II, III, IV Standard
AP English Language
AP English Literature
Lit & The Arts I & II
Journalism I, II, III
Communication Methodology Honors
Lit & Media
Social Media
Creative Writing I, II
Contemporary Literature
Classical Literature Honors
Social Media





Algebra I, II Honors
Algebra I, II
Algebra I, II Standard
Geometry  Honors
Geometry Standard
Math for College Readiness
Advanced Topics in Mathematics
Pre Calculus Regular
Pre Calculus Honors
Calculus I
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC



Biology I Honors 
Biology I
Biology I Standard
Concepts of Physics & Chemistry Honors
Concepts of Physics & Chemistry
Concepts of Physics & Chemistry Standard
Chemistry I Honors
Chemistry I
Chemistry I Standard
Physics Honors
Anatomy & Physiology Honors
Anatomy & Physiology 
Environmental Science
Marine Science Honors 
Marine Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science 
AP Physics C
Introduction to Engineering
Foundations of Robotics

All Immaculata-La Salle High School
students must graduate with a credit

in both Algebra II and Chemistry.

College Board Capstone Diploma 

AP Seminar

AP Research



JC: God’s Revelation to the World
JC: His Vision & Ministry
JC: Source of Our Salvation
Jesus & the Church: One Holy Catholic
& Apostolic
Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments
Your Life in Christ: Foundation of Catholic Morality
World Religions
Catholic Social Teaching

Social Studies


World History Honors
World History
World History Standard
AP European History
American History Honors
American History
AP American History
Economics Honors
American Government Honors
American Government
AP Government & Politics
AP Comparative Government
Psychology I, II
Global Studies
International Relations
World Cultural Geography
Latin American History
Law Studies I, II


World Languages


French I, II, III, IV
French III, IV, V Honors
AP French Language
Italian I, II, III
Mandarin I
Spanish for Spanish Speakers I, II, III
Spanish for Spanish Speakers III Honors
Spanish I, II (non-native speakers)
Spanish III, IV, V Honors
  - (non-native speakers)
AP Spanish Language
AP Spanish Literature

Fine Arts


Introduction to Art
Drawing and Painting I
Studio Art - Portfolio I
Chorus I, II, III, IV
Sound Engineering & Reinforcement I,II
Keyboarding I, II - Music
Drama I, II, III, IV
Costume Design I
Musical Theater
Technical Theater
Computer Graphics I, II (Yearbook)
Television Production I, II, III
Portfolio I - Television
Graphic Design
Computer Arts Animation
Digital Photography

Physical Fitness


Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
Health I-Life Management Skills
Team Sports
Personal Fitness I
Beginning Weight Training
Comprehensive Fitness
Fitness Lifestyle Design
Fitness for Adolescences

Business & Technology​

Business Management
Personal Finance
Accounting Applications
Computer Applications
Marketing Essentials
Emerging Computer Technology
Information Design
Interactive Design

STEAM Concentration Program

* Honors Level Course

** Dual Enrollment Course 

Digital Arts Focus

Digital Art Imaging*

Digital Video Tech I*

Visual Technology*

Digital Video Tech II*

2D Design Portfolio*

Digital Video Tech III*

Engineering Focus

Introduction to Engineering* 

Foundations of Robotics*

Principles of Engineering* 

Engineering Design & Development*

Global Business Leadership Focus

Legal Aspects of Business/ Marketing Essentials

Accounting I/Business Management**
International Business** Entrepreneurship**

Health Science Focus

Health Science Foundations*

Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)

Anatomy & Physiology* 

Allied Health Assisting III

Legal Studies Focus

Legal Systems & Concepts International Law / Constitutional Law*

Law Studies / Court Procedures  

Comprehensive Law*

Forensic Science

Honor Societies

French Honor Society

Italian Honor Society

Mu Alpha Theta
Music Honor Society

National Art Honor Society
National English Honor Society
National Honor Society

National Honor Society for Dance Arts

National Technical Honor Society
Science National Honor Society
Rho Kappa
Spanish Honor Society
Thespian Society
Quill & Scroll Honor Society

Clubs & Organizations

Ambassadors Club

Anime Club
Athletic Training Club
Be the Light Club
Drama Club
Environmental Club

Royal Trend Fashion Club
Fine Arts Club

Glee Club

Guitar Club


International Relations Club



Key Club

Latin American Culture Club 

Life is a Gift Club (Respect Life)

Marian Club

Photography & Film Club

Portuguese Culture Club
Purple Heart Club

Robotics Club

Royals for Animals (RADAR)
Royals Debate Team

Salesian Provincial Youth Council


Social Justice Club
Stock Market Club
Student Government Association

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