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Students may enter 2 photos in one category or 1 photo in two different categories.
ONLY 2 photo submissions per student.
Click on your category to submit!

Pepper Spray.jpg

A single picture of an unscheduled event for which no advance planning was possible or a picture of a scheduled or organized event for which advance planning was possible. Any event around school or outside which captures the moment as edits no filters.

0171-A Grad SEBASTIEN ZEPHIR 051920.jpg

A single picture that captures an aspect of the subject’s (a person’s) character. Imaginative subject matter; technical quality and excellence; photo composition; visual impact; simplicity; cropping; and lighting. The caption, although required, should include the name of the individual in the photograph with some identifying characteristics such as grade, major, sport or activity as well as some additional information about the person.


A photo which captures the natural essence of the animal in its habitat. Good lighting, sharp eyes and clear subject featured. The way in which it is framed and angle which the subject is shot plays a big role in this photo.

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 11.34.43 AM.png

A photo which makes good use of long exposures, slowing down the shutter, and lower aperture. May be indoor or outdoor.

1294 UMVSUAB091020 ADD.jpg

A single picture showing participation in an athletic event that shows the absolute peak moment of action or a feature picture that is sports related. Imaginative subject matter; technical quality and excellence; photo composition; visual impact; story told in each photograph; simplicity; cropping; and lighting. Judges also will look for a variety of sports-related images, not three similar images. Quality of the caption may also be considered.

Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 12.34.07 PM.png

A photo in where the photographer has used some sort of photo manipulation on his/her own photography such as; superimposing or anything generated by Photoshop. Photo may include a person, animal, backdrop, nature etc.. It needs to be designed to accompany a story package for publication in a high school newspaper or newsmagazine on the subject presented in the article on the prompt. It must appear to be seamless and intentional to convey a message. Follows current design trends; visually communicates an idea; shows originality and innovation; shows creativity and artistic details. Clean and well-executed work; sophisticated use of software.

Photo Credit for all above images: Al Diaz

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