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A single picture of an unscheduled event for which no advance planning was possible or a picture of a scheduled or organized event for which advance planning was possible. 

0171-A Grad SEBASTIEN ZEPHIR 051920.jpg

A single picture that captures an aspect of the subject's character. 


Usually a found situation with strong human interest; a fresh view of an everyday scene. 

0091 Miami Dade North VACCINE 030321.jpg

Focus on images related to COVID-19 and the challenges of the pandemic in our community

1294 UMVSUAB091020 ADD.jpg

A single picture showing participation in an athletic event that shows the absolute peak moment of action or a feature picture that is sports related. 

Printed Instagram Photos

A collection of photos with a single theme that fits the description for any of the above categories. 12 image maximum. 


1st: $250, Lunch for 2 at Red Fish and Think Tank Retrospective Backpack 15

2nd: $250 and Think Tank PhotoCross 13 sling bag

3rd: $100 and Think Tank Urban Access 8 sling bag 

Photographers may enter any of the categories listed including the picture story. Please upload properly named files to the corresponding folder on Dropbox. 



How to Enter:
  • Your submission may include up to 2 categories, 1 entry per category.

  • One picture story, 6 to 12 photographs allowed for a single picture story subject. (A multiple-picture story category entry counts as one entry.)

  • Because all entries are delivered electronically, only digital entries are accepted. It is fine to digitally scan photographs originally captured on film. 

Entry Specifications:
  • File type: .JPG

  • Image Size: 3,000 pixels minimum on the longer side.

  • Resolution: 300 dpi, minimum.

  • Contest entries must have been captured during the 2020-21 school year.

  • Single photographs can be entered into only one category

  • An Individual photo from a picture story may be entered into any of the single categories.

  • All photos require full caption info embedded in the IPTC caption field.

  • There should be no watermarks on the images.

  • File names / naming convention are as follows LastName_FirstName_Grade_CategoryName.jpg File names / naming convention for Picture Story Category are as follows LastName_FirstName_Grade_CategoryName_SequenceOrder1-12.jpg 


For this year’s photojournalism categories, We do not allow any sort of manipulation to the content of an image. This includes Instagram-type effects or filters on photos taken with phones or other devices. Only basic color correction and cropping are allowed to maintain the integrity and ethical standards of the industry. Normal burning and dodging is acceptable, so long as not to eliminate or obscure subject matter. It is our responsibility as photojournalists to document and present images in an honest manner. As a result, the judging panel may disqualify any images that do not meet the ethical standards put forth. We also we reserve the right to request RAW files if the image is in question. 

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