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31 Days of Christmas Giving 

The Christmas Giving program is designed to enhance the many needs we have at ILS as well as to usher in the season of “giving” mirroring the gift God gave us with his Holy Son. If you are receiving this note from ILS, we hope you will strongly consider one of the levels of the Christmas tree to tap on and commit this year for the growth of ILS so that we may continue to provide the very best in Catholic education to our youth for many years to come. 


The Christmas Giving provides this opportunity, once again, to join in the legacy that ILS has offered for over 60 years and is a great way to end 2020 committing to this ongoing legacy.


Each ornament of the tree represents a different level of commitment…we ask that you prayerfully commit to a contribution with the hopes that there will be many “Stars of Bethlehem” which is the highest level of commitment! 


We pray as an Immaculata-La Salle Family, that your Advent provides the preparation for the Christmas miracle and that you join in the continuing miracles and blessings here at ILS during these next 31 days of the Christmas Giving! 


Christmas Gift


  • $500 Gift

  • $1,000 Gift

  • $250 Gift

  • $100 Gift

  • General



Christmas Ornaments

Star of Bethlehem


  • Luis Miguel Gonzalez Ocque

  • Quimby-Moro Family

  • Maria Restrepo Forte

  • Marlen Caudron

Santas Nice List

  • Alejandro & Claudia Capriles Barrios

  • Eugene Cruz

  • Manuel Garcia

  • Alejandra Rumbos

  • Luisa Serratore

  • Patricia Suastegui

  • Zoe Wolfe

  • Monica Kuljich

  • Cristina Ramirez

  • Maria Concepcion 

  • Maria Poleo

  • Claus Salge    

  • Yvette Robinson

  • Vivian Macia

  • Maricela Mendoza

  • Roy Justiniani

  • William and Gabrielle Noyes

  • Unda Hass ​Family

  • Gail Wright-Wilder

  • Karina y Carlos Carles

  • Laura Leon de Di Polo

  • Arturo Alonso 

  • Selina & Hernando Chong

  • Raul Driggs

  • Cindy Garcia

  • Torres Zingg Family

  • Michele Pacheco

  • Josefina Gonzalez (Flores)

  • Stefania Finley

  • Daniel Sannia

  • Maria Ignacia Arcaya

  • Sandra de la Torre

  • Dorine Heller

  • Camila Quintero

  • Susana Moro Quimby 

  • Ana Tangari 

  • Cristina Nicolich

  • Jose Juara

  • Ryan Desalle

  • The Plasencia Family

  • Freddy Padovan

  • Brian Ramos

  • Luis & Patricia Beltfort

  • Charlene Betancourt

  • Kenia Castro

  • Eduardo Gonzalez 

  • Claudia Caparroso

  • Maricruz Lopez

  • Ingrid Noguera

  • Joansis Pons

  • Jodi & Evelio Garcia

  • Jessie Lastres

  • Charles Esber

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