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Suggested Donation: $10 Raffle Ticket

$100 per booklet = 10 chances to win


We will draw a ticket everyday beginning

February 1st - April 30th

Do not need to be present to win.


A booklet of 10 ticket will earn you 10 PIP points good towards your

Active participation credit per child for next year.


Please visit the school’s main office to purchase tickets.

Cash, checks and credit card payment accepted.

For more information call

Marielena Douaihi at

(305) 854-2334 ext #2114

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Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 11.19.01 AM.png


1. Each calendar raffle ticket has a suggested donation amount of $10.00 and can be paid with cash, credit card or check made payable to Immaculata-La Salle High School or ILS at the school main office located at 3601 South Miami Avenue, Miami FL. 33133. ILS families are strongly encouraged to sell 1 booklet per student.

2. The drawing will be for a cash prize daily from February 1st, 2024 through April 30th, 2024 including weekends, visit our website link at for daily prizes.


3. Each booklet contains 10 tickets with an entry stub to complete with personal information to include full name, telephone number and ils student id number for PIP credit, active parent credit for the following school year. The completed ticket stub must be turned in to the school’s main office located at 3601 S. Miami Avenue, to be entered in the raffle for the daily drawing. 


4. Funds for the daily raffle prizes are coming from proceeds of the 2023-24 Annual Calendar Raffle. One winner will be chosen daily, and the winning ticket will automatically go back into the drawing for another chance to win.


5. All participants must be at least 18 years of age, and the winner must have valid identification at the time of redemption.


6. Entry into the raffle is not contingent on suggested donation. For tickets and or more information, visit the ILS Main Office address above or contact Marielena Douaihi at 305-854-2334 ext 2114.


7. The winning ticket will be randomly selected and chosen from all raffle tickets at 9:00 a.m. by a school administrator that will choose a ticket from the raffle drum kept in school safe with 2 witnesses in Immaculata-La Salle High School’s main office located at 3601 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33133. 


8.  Fundraising from this event will be used towards the Building on the Legacy project.


9. The prize is non-transferable, and any unauthorized reproduction of the raffle ticket will deem the ticket ineligible for drawing.


10. The winner is responsible for any and all taxes, fees and tariffs, both Federal and State associated with the prize.


11. The daily winner shall be notified by 10am via text message to all Immaculata-La Salle High School families. Winner will also be called by telephone and/or e-mailed and will be mentioned in the ILS website and other publicized media. The winner does not need to be present at the drawing to win.


12. Winnings can be picked up at the main office and winner must present a valid photo identification and sign an ILS Annual Calendar Raffle Winners log upon picking up their winnings available in the ILS main office for 6 months from the date of award. Attempts will be made to continue to contact winner. If prize is not collected within the stated time winnings are forfeited and funds will be returned to the school for the Building on the Legacy project.


13. Entry into the raffle grants ILS permission to use the winner’s name in all raffle’s related publicity.


14. All donations made are non-refundable.


15. All winners are subject to all state and federal taxes, laws and regulations



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