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Welcome Back

Dear Parents,

As we enter the 2017-18 scholastic year at ILS, our Sport Medicine Program continues to keep up with the latest advances in sports medicine - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries in conjunction with our Strength and Conditioning Program.

The school provides two Certified Athletic Trainers, with an undergraduate degree in Physical Education/Physical Therapy Assistant and Exercise Physiology and the other with a Masters in Athletic Training and an undergraduate in Exercise Science. In addition, one certified Strength and Conditioning coach with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science.

We continue to utilize the services of The University of Miami Concussion Center with the latest protocol in treatment of sports related concussions. Our team Orthopedic Physician provides daily services relative to Athletic Injuries.

Our sports medicine class has expanded to sports philosophy and psychology in addition to sports nutrition, ergogenic aids, the danger of steroid usage and other performance enhancement drugs. We have also embarked in Pope Francis’ theme “Sports at the service of Humanity”, by having our Athletic program work closely with our Peer Ministry department in providing retreats and outdoor camping experiences.

I would like to express my gratitude to our Principal and Administration for their support and prayers. If you wish to contact me regarding any of these matters, please feel free to do so via email.

Sincerely in Christ,

Eduardo ( Eddie) Cerdeiras ATC/LT, RPTA, CET Head Athletic Trainer Assistant Athletic Director 

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