Our department strives to be a vibrant department that, through meaningful and practical education, improves our students’ management, leadership and technological skills so they can compete in a global economy. We not only help our students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful, but we try to instill an intense work ethic so they will be capable of competing at the highest level in the business world.


Our teaching and curriculum strives to identify current business issues that students will have to deal with in the work place and in their personal adult lives. Each year we re-evaluate our current course offerings to make sure that what is offered meets the needs of our students.


We offer a wide variety of classes in both the financial and technology areas. Finance, Accounting and Business Management courses give the student a wealth of financial experience. After taking the courses, the students are very capable of making large scale purchases, managing their financial affairs and preparing, at an early age, for their future retirement. They are taught to make solid decisions based upon their research and analysis of the data. Many students, after taking the courses, feel confident enough to help their parents with some of their current financial decisions.

Business & Technology

Our financial instructor has years of experience in the industry and demonstrates proven methods to manage finances. In conjunction with our Physical Education Department, we offer Sports Marketing and Sports Management.


The students in these classes help advertise and 

manage our sporting events at ILS. These courses also give our students the possibility of applying for an internship with one of our local professional sports organizations.


Immaculata-La Salle has greatly expanded the technology tools available on campus. The hardware

and software applications are up-to-date and available throughout our multiple networks. Computer

Applications brings our students up to the highest level using the applications in the Microsoft Office Suite and Apple iWorks. Various other applications are explored that can assist them in organizing their daily academic work and per- sonal lives. Our computer graphics class is a practical course taught in conjunc- tion with our school yearbook. We have introduced technology support classes at different levels so our students can assist other students and teachers with their technology questions. All of our technology classes offer the student the opportunity to obtain technological skills that are useful now and in the future. We focus on how these tools will make you more ef- ficient and effective when used properly.


By being a vibrant department, we encourage our instructors, students and parents to bring fresh ideas and experience to the classroom. The business and technological worlds are dynamic and quick to change. Ultimately with their acquired skills and knowledge from Immaculata- La Salle’s Business and Technology Department, our students will demonstrate excellence in the workplace and in their personal financial lives. We truly believe that students exposed to our program are getting a “world class” education. 

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