The Fine Arts program includes study in the Visual and Performing
Arts. Our focus is on the process of art, which is where the learning
occurs. Our department trains the novice student’s ability
to enhance learning in other areas of their education, as well as the advanced student who wishes to major in the arts in college.


Visual Arts begins with Introduction to Art, a year-long course that facilitates various forms of art, including drawing,
painting, sculpture, and design. Following this course, the Fine Arts
Department sequentially offers Printmaking, Drawing & Painting, Ceramics and Pottery, 2-D and 3D design, Studio Art, Graphic
Design, Digital Photography, and 3D Arts Animation. 


Television and Film Production are designed to expose our
students to the elements that compose a television news broadcast or a short film. They are both hands on classes which permit the student to master digital cameras, editing, sound, television, and screen writing. The TV Production students write, edit, and
produce a daily ten minute broadcast for LTV, and the Film Production students write, edit and produce a short film.

Fine Arts

The Drama Department focuses on all aspects of theatre, on stage and backstage. All students take an introductory course which
includes pantomime, scene study, and an understanding of the
ensemble necessary to bring a performance to the stage. Advanced coursework can include acting for the camera and play production.

The Music Department offers performance based chorus,
keyboarding, and progressive Sound Engineering classes. An after
school music club is open to all students.

Honor Societies

 French Honor Society 

 Mu Alpha Theta 

 National Art Honor Society 

 National English Honor Society 

 National Honor Society 

 National Technical Honor Society 

 Science National Honor Society 

 Social Science Honor Society 

 Spanish Honor Society 

 Thespian Society 

 Jornalism Honor Society 

 Quill & Scroll

Clubs & Organizations

HOSA Future Health Professionals

Mission Club MANOS

National Ocean Sciences

Photography Club

Pre-Law Club

RADAR Animal Rights Club

Respect Life Club

 Robotics: Bosco Bots


 Speech/Debate Team

 Stock Market Club

 Student Government

Ambassadors Club

Catalyst Science Club

Close Up

Drama Club

Environmental Club

Esports (Gaming) Club

Fashion Club

Fine Arts Club

Guitar Club

Improv Troupe

International Relations Club

Key Club International 



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