In an increasingly technological world, the Language Arts department at ILS brings a welcome blend of classic literature and contemporary skills. With a focus on reading and writing at the college level, teachers foster a welcoming learning environment where students feel comfortable to explore their personal style and interests. The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, Beowulf, and Macbeth, are all part of the curriculum, as well as the elements of style and fundamentals of literary theory. 

Interested in reporting the news? Then journalism and the Royal Courier are for you. Students write, edit, and publish the Royal Courier online for students, alumni, and faculty to keep up to date with current school events and world issues. Students’ art and writing are featured in Inklings, an annual literary magazine published by the Creative Writing class. Students in these classes have the opportunity to attend CSPA, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association conference in New York, to take workshops in their areas of interest and keep up with current trends in school newspapers and yearbooks. 

Whether through paperbacks or e-books, notebooks or iPads, the focus at all grade levels is for students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to perform at the college level. Whether it’s a lecture on Puritan American life in The Crucible, a student generated “Keynote” presentation of the journey of Odysseus, or a Socratic circle on Shakespearean Sonnets, students are constantly challenged and engaged in becoming the independent thinkers and problem solvers that colleges and careers are looking for.

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