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Covid-19 Updates 

What is the "Return to Campus Plan?"

Click Here to see the full document for the

Return to Campus Plan.

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Online Resources 

How will virtual school work?

Our virtual school will consist of Zoom meetings along with Showbie and digital presentations that have been created by our faculty. Our faculty has been undergoing training to be prepared for these online lessons. We will have constant support from our Technology department via the ihelp ticket system and a new hotline that has been created if the student's iPad has lost connection. 

What is the school doing to prepare for a local outbreak?

As a preventive measure, we have been in communication with our cleaning company and will hire an extra person to clean all bathrooms throughout the school day.

The cleaning company has agreed to do a deep cleaning and sanitizing every day after school as well.


We have also assigned one person full time to keep the cafeteria and surrounding areas clean and sanitized during the day. There are disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers in the gym, in every classroom and on every cafeteria table.


What should students be doing?

It is important that our students make healthy decisions: use disinfectants/sanitizers provided, carry tissues, eat healthy and get enough sleep so they don’t come down with colds, keep personal spaces in school and at home clean.

  • Wash hands thoroughly and often.

  • Avoid touching face and eyes.

  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or elbow.

  • Get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet.

  • Avoid sharing food or beverages.

  • Keep an appropriate social distance.

What should you do if you become ill?

We have students who come to school sick and have to go back home. If your child comes down with a cold or flu, please take them to the doctor and do not send them back to school without a doctor’s clearance.

We ask if anyone in your family has traveled in or out of the country and has been tested for COVID-19 that you share those results with the school. Email

What is happening with school activities, trips and sports?

All after school activities and trips have been cancelled. Students should head home right after classes are over.

Sports have not been cancelled yet. We are still pending confirmation from the FHSA

What if my question has not been answered yet?

Please contact with any further questions.

Helpful Information

• Please see this helpful flier from the CDC related to handwashing and hand sanitizer. 

• Please see this helpful flier from the CDC related to stopping the spread of germs.

Communication from ADOM office of schools

Adom pic.png

Noval Coronaviris CDC

NCOV pic.png

Virex II 256 is being used for surfaces throughout 

Virex pic.png

Purell Healthy Soap and Hand Sanitizer

Purrell pic.png

Oxivir is being used in Sick Room, training room and weight room

Oxivir pic.png

Perk Disinfecting Wipes

Perk Wipes Pic.png
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